2019-04-24Additional Listing(스톡옵션행사)UNIQUEST COPORATION
2019-03-29Decision on Entering into Trust Contract for Acquisition of Treasury StocksUNIQUEST COPORATION
2019-03-29Outcome of Annual Shareholders' MeetingUNIQUEST COPORATION
2019-03-21Submission of Audit ReportUNIQUEST COPORATION
2019-03-14Reporting reasons for holding general shareholders' meeting on the most concentrated dateUNIQUEST COPORATION
2019-02-28Decision on Calling Shareholders' MeetingUNIQUEST COPORATION
2019-02-2830% or More Changes in Sales or Profits/Losses (15% or More in the case of Large-scale Corporations)UNIQUEST COPORATION
2019-02-14Interim Report on Business Performance(Fair Disclosure)UNIQUEST COPORATION
2019-02-07Decision on Cash Dividend and Dividend in KindUNIQUEST COPORATION
2018-12-14Closure of Stock Transfer (Shareholder's Registry)UNIQUEST COPORATION